beau hilton

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Starting Residency

I finished medical school, matched into internal medicine residency and hematology-oncology (blood cancer) fellowship at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in the Harrison Society.

I started July 1st.

So far I've done an inpatient cancer rotation (solid tumors, rather than leukemias or other blood cancers), and an emergency department rotation.

I really like taking care of people who are at the borders of life and death, whether that's due to their cancer, or psychiatric disease that's making them homicidal or suicidal.


Vanderbilt is in Tennessee. We bought a house in Hendersonville. Hendersonville is a lovely place. We live a few minutes from the water, and started learning how to fish.


Our oldest is 7, youngest is 4 months. There are 11 X chromosomes in the family. Everyone is well and cantankerous.

last updated: 2020-07-24